Thursday, 27 December 2012

How to come up with a name for your blog

Selecting the best possible name for your blog is one of the first steps you have to take after the decision to start your blog. The name of the blog is something which will for example help you to get identified and help people to remember you and your blog.
Here are some things you should think before you decide your blog name:
  • Is the domain ( available. You can buy domains from example from Go Daddy.
  • Is the name easy to remember or pronounce?
  • Is the name something that can last a long time? For example, if you are already thinking that you might want to write about lifestyle, traveling and/or food, maybe the name shouldn't be something related only to fashion like Helene's fashion. :) 

There are some quite easy ways to come up with a good blog name. This is actually the secret for the name of this blog "Bloggerial". I simply used one name generator called I decided that I wanted the name of this blog to have a word "blogger". Then the generator suggested names that included that word. It also showed me if the name was available for purchase. That's why it only took me 1 minute to come up with the name Bloggerial. Sometimes you do not need to think for hours for a name, when you can get a robot to do it for you. :)


  1. Thank you for this post,I am using this robot, but I still didn't find a good new name for my blog. But this is helpful, I just wanted to thank you!

  2. Well ! I agree with you . A perfect domain name is more essential for the website/blog.

    1. It should be short and easy to remember .
    2. It should be related with the website content .
    3. It should be impressive.

    For a website, domain name is more important . Likewise, Domain registration is also necessary to register domains. Before choosing a domain name provider, you have to check the following factors :

    1. Company existence
    2. Customer support and service

    Domain registration cost is low at

  3. Thanks for the post! I came up with a sad excuse for a blog name a few weeks ago. Even created the blog and started posting. I didn't share the first blog with anyone because I knew I could do better. I came across your blog by doing a google search for 'how to name your blog' .. I used the wordoid website with several different buzzwords and couldnt come up with anything I liked... Until I tried my name. And thus, obJESSions was born. (

    Thanks for the article! I've pinned bloggerial to refer to as I venture deeper into the world of blogging!

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  5. Hi, I really liked your blog and wordoid is very interesting as well. I found a quirky name for my blog a long time ago using a penname generator: "The Priestess of Silence"

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