Friday, 28 December 2012

How to use my domain with my Blogger account?

We received our first question from a Finnish blogger Cava. Hooray! Se wants to know how to change her domain name to Currently the domain shows up as the blogspot hosted domain: Her domain is hosted in

Image from: Cava

I think this is a common challenge the bloggers have and unfortunately the answer is not the most simpliest one. It actually took me quite a while to do this presentation and screenshots of how to do it. But I think it is definitely manageable for everyone.
So here is the step by step guide how to have your own domain name for your blogspot blog. thing to keep in mind though is that a) you have to have a Blogger blog (not Tumblr, Wordpress etc. to follow these instructions) b) Your domain needs to be hosted on Go Daddy

Hopefully this helps! Keep sending me questions: helene (at) Have a nice holiday!


  1. I have a godaddy account and I bought the domain and the hosting. I want to have my own blogger but I don't know how to do HTML the templates they have are ugly and not my style. Do you know how to use Word press or Blogger ??? and to do layouts and put codes in it?? THANK You very much.

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  4. Thanks a lot! It works. I am looking you are a professional in blogger. I want to share here a problem i am facing with my blogger blog and associated domain. Last few days ago, i set up a custom domain on It worked well, but after a few days passed the website started redirect to the only on my browser. I tried it to resolve, but could not. Finally, I discontented. I request you please help me to sort this out. Thanks in advance

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