Thursday, 17 January 2013

How to Add a Custom Top Banner in Blogger

This great question came from Cava. She wanted to know how we put this extra advertisement on the top of our Blogger blog.

By default, Blogger offers you a static blog header including title and description of your blog. Sometimes you might want to add something else on the top of your blog header, like we wanted to add StyleLoving advertisement.

So lets add a new custom header to your blog. This is fairly simple, takes 5 mins max. :)
  1. Navigate to your Blogger Dashboard.
  2. Click on your Blog Title (in our case Bloggerial).
  3. Move on to Template tab from the left pane.

Click Edit HTML button.

Tick on, Expand Widget Templates option.

Now search for following or similar line of code in your template which relates to your blog header section and alter attributes using regarding attribute information indicated.

Maximum Widgets in Header Section

This attribute specifies the maximum number of widgets can be included in header section. The default value is 1. So, by default, you can't add widgets more than one for your header section. By changing this value, you can allow adding more widgets for header section.

i.e: <b:section ... maxwidgets='2' ...

Enable/Disable Adding New Elements

Though you specified a new maxwidgets attribute value, you may not see Add a Gadget link at Page Elements page until you change this attribute value to yes. Change value to yes as you gonna add new custom header.

i.e: <b:section ... showaddelement='yes'

Now you can add custom header for your blog. But before you proceed, let's remove current header on your blog. You can find the line similar to below, just after the line of code

Change the locked attribute value to false.

i.e: <b:widget id='Header... locked='false'...

Now Save Template.

Go to Layout tab.

Now you can see in your layout above header there is one Add a Gadget link. Click on the link to implement custom header.
Hopefully you got it working. :) If not, please comment.


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  2. Hi =) I've tried this on my blog but I think my html is different, you see there's not a "maxwidgets" in the code and I think it's odd but it doesn't appear with Ctrl + F and I also tried going to the Layout Tab and editing the Header section, now I can see the image I want to show but it doesn't appear when I acces the blog. I hope you can help me (Btw, I already had the Header section as "locked = 'false'")

  3. Thank you so much for this. I have to create a blog for my English exam {It's Digital Communications} and FINALLY I can remove the pre-set header. I found it useful to also change the maximum width and height of the header as well; especially if you have an image which is really big. ^o^ Thanks again!

  4. Ugh, an hour later and it would not let me save the template. Add a gadget link was under my header and there was no "implement custom header" this is so confusing for a beginner!!!

  5. Nice one.) Did lost a couple of hours with this problem before I find your tutorial. Nice one.) Thanks

  6. Worked perfectly! Thank you so much for this tutorial!


  7. Hi, I changed all the things but the extra widget does not appear under layout :( Can you help me?

  8. how can i add in this blog

  9. how to add please help icant find the html text

  10. o!this not working on my blog.can i send you my html code?

    1. Oh! mine neither. With the old interface I could do it. Could you help me, please? thanks

  11. What are the steps to follow in adding a banner to my blog page please, I need this info urgently and if possible now. Thanks.

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  13. thanks friend for this Aticle,it realy work thankyou very much ...

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  14. I was able to add it but the original header went down. I wanted the ad to be below the header but I couldn't do it. =(

  15. This great question came from Cava. She wanted to know how we put this extra advertisement on the top of our Blogger blog. How To Blog

  16. It worked like a charm, thanks so much! I didn't want to remove my old header, but to add a banner underneath my header and pages to link to a cookbook / ebook bundle that's going on sale in 2 days. So all I did was follow the steps up until maxwidgets and showaddelement. The only problem is the banner is aligned to the left. Is there a trick to centering it? Thx :)

  17. Thank you, worked a treat even for a novice like me.

  18. Thank you for the simple tutorial. It worked like a charm!

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  21. How do I do the Expand Widget Templates thing?

  22. Thank you!!

  23. Thanks, I found it very useful!

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  27. Worked like a charm, thanks ever so much!!

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  29. I have a quick you know how to add a photo to a banner? I've done it before but my picture ends up sitting on the banner...I adjust the size and everything but my picture doesn't fit the banner picture area that it should. Does this make sense? Can you comment on my blog and let me know if you know how to do this and how?!

    Thanks so much.

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  36. i have try it again and it work thanks

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