About Bloggerial

Helene Auramo
This blog started because I received so many questions from fashion, and lifestyle bloggers related to social media, design, programming, and marketing. At some point I just decided to start this blog to be able help more than one person at a time.

If you have questions for which you would like to find an answer, please email: helene(at)bloggerial.com.

Helene Auramo
My background is in social media, business, design and blogging. I'm Master of Economics, but also a student in Media Lab (MA).
I'm one of the founders of Indiedays (the biggest fashion blogging portals in Finland) and one of the founders of social media agency Zipipop. The latest project that I have been working on a while is StyleLoving. You can read more about me here.

I can't of course take all the credits of this blog to myself. Many thanks will go to my colleagues at  Zipipop, bloggers such as Cava and Aurora (who inspired me to start this blog) and my dear colleague Anam, who has been helping me setting up this blog and giving her good advice related to the content.


  1. Your blog is really helpful! :)

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    I just wanna drop by and say hello. Your blog really look nice. :D
    Your blog has been very helpful. :)